0280 Roanantilope


Height    185 centimeters
Width      70 centimeters
Depth       72 centimeters

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Elegant Splendor: Mounted Roan Antelope on Pedestal

Bring the majestic beauty of the African savanna to your living space with our impressive Mounted Roan Antelope on Pedestal. This masterpiece of taxidermy captures the graceful allure of the roan antelope and brings the unique charm of this majestic animal directly into your interior, creating an atmosphere of admiration and respect.

The roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus) is an imposing species of antelope that makes its home in the vast grasslands and open plains of Africa. With its distinctive black and white facial markings, slender physique and imposing curved horns, this antelope is an impressive presence in the natural world.

Fun fact: Did you know that the roan antelope is one of the largest antelope species and is known for its speed and endurance? It can travel long distances and reach high speeds to escape predators.

Our Mounted Roan Antelope on Pedestal is prepared with extraordinary attention to detail and craftsmanship to preserve the unique characteristics of this magnificent animal. The textured fur, expressive eyes and majestic horns of the roan antelope are captured with precision, resulting in a work of art that is not only visually impressive, but also evokes a sense of admiration and respect for nature.

This piece of art goes beyond mere decoration and serves as a tribute to the majestic grandeur of the animal kingdom. Place it proudly in a prominent spot and let it act as a majestic centerpiece, or add a touch of African splendor to your interior with this breathtaking creation.

The Mounted Roan Antelope on Pedestal embodies not only aesthetic grace, but also a deeper appreciation for the impressive beauty of wild animals. With attention to detail and respect for the animal, this artwork helps capture the majestic allure that nature has to offer us.

Whether you are a lover of African wildlife, have a passion for natural accents or are simply looking for a meaningful and imposing decorative element, the Mounted Roan Antelope on Pedestal is an undeniable asset to your space. Let this artwork bring the majestic trophy of the roan antelope into your interior and enjoy the overwhelming charm it brings daily.


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