0957 Beauchêne North Sea lobster


Height    104 centimeters
Width     84 centimeters
Depth     35 centimeters

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A Masterpiece of the Sea: Mounted North Sea Lobster in Beauchêne Technique

The Mounted North Sea Lobster in Beauchêne Technique is an impressive work of art that brings to life the splendor and diversity of the sea. Using the unique Beauchêne Technique, the lobster is rendered in a highly detailed and realistic manner, making this piece an unmistakable eye-catcher in any interior.

An iconic inhabitant of European waters, the North Sea lobster (Homarus gammarus) is known for its large claws and striking colors. This crustacean lives mainly on the bottom of the North Sea and is often associated with delicious culinary dishes. The Mounted North Sea Lobster in Beauchêne Technique captures the essence of this marine life in a way that enhances admiration for its natural beauty.

The Beauchêne Technique is a special taxidermy method that is unique in its approach. The process involves taking the animal apart into different parts and preserving their original shape and anatomy. The parts are then cleaned, treated and reassembled to create a stunningly realistic representation. This technique allows artists to display a deep understanding of the animal’s anatomy, resulting in a beautifully detailed and vivid work of art.

A fun fact about the North Sea lobster is that it is an important part of Europe’s coastal communities, not only as a food source, but also as a cultural symbol. The lobster has been caught and enjoyed for centuries because of its delicious meat. In addition, the North Sea lobster is known for its unique color pattern and large claws, which vary in size and can serve as a defense mechanism and tool for foraging for food.

The Mounted North Sea Lobster artwork in Beauchêne Technique is more than just a visual representation; it is a tribute to the splendor of the sea and the complex life it harbors. This masterpiece is a beautiful addition to any space and evokes admiration for both the artist and nature. With its unparalleled craftsmanship and detail, this work of art is sure to attract attention and inspire conversations about the mysteries and beauty of the ocean.


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