1397 Black Bear


Height   102 centimeters

Width   85 centimeters
Depth    130 centimeters

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Mounted Black Bear: Strength and Majesty at Home

This beautiful stuffed black bear, with its imposing appearance and impressive details, brings the grandeur of nature directly to your living space. Scientifically known as Ursus americanus, the black bear is an iconic representative of the wild landscapes of North America.

The black bear is widespread and found in a variety of habitats, from dense forests to mountainous areas. Despite its name, the black bear can have different coloration, ranging from brown to black. They are known for their intelligence and adaptability, which has contributed to their survival in diverse environments.

Fun fact: The black bear has a varied diet and is an omnivore. While most of their diet consists of plant matter, such as fruits and nuts, they do not shy away from eating insects, small animals and even carrion. This versatile diet contributes to their successful survival in different habitats.

This stuffed black bear is a tribute to the majestic beauty of this iconic animal. With careful attention to detail, including the powerful physique and distinctive face, this piece exudes authenticity and respect for the natural world.

Place this stuffed black bear in your living room, study or even in a natural history museum to bring a touch of wild beauty and admiration to your surroundings. His presence reminds us of the biodiversity and uniqueness of the animal kingdom.

This stuffed black bear serves not only as a decorative piece, but also as a source of education and awareness. Its imposing presence can serve as an engaging talking point and inspire visitors to learn more about this magnificent species and their crucial role in the ecosystem.

With this stuffed black bear, you bring the power and splendor of nature into your home. His impressive appearance and detailed rendering make him not only a visual eye-catcher, but also a tribute to the rich diversity of our planet.


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