1480 Black-eared monkey


Height         40 centimeters
Width          20 centimeters
Depth          20 centimeters

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Mounted Black-eared monkey: A Window to the Tropics

Imagine a creature with a delicate brush tail, brightly colored eyes and ears that are strikingly tinted black. This fascinating animal, known as the Black-eared Brush Monkey, is one of the most distinctive representatives of the primate world.

The Black-eared monkey, scientifically named as Callithrix penicillata, is a small primate species native to the tropical rain forests of Brazil. These animals live in close family groups and are known for their lively behavior and acrobatic skills. They move with agility through the trees, searching for food and interacting with their group mates.

A fun fact about the Black-eared monkey is that it not only has a varied diet of fruits and insects, but is also known to eat tree resin. They use their sharp teeth to gnaw into the bark of trees and consume the resulting resin. This unique diet has led to these monkeys sometimes being called “gommivorous” primates.

Our carefully mounted Black-eared Brush Monkey is a beautiful tribute to this fascinating animal. Every detail, from the expression in his eyes to the fine hairs of his brush tail, has been captured with extreme precision. This product is not only an artistic piece, but also serves as a tangible reminder of the wonders of the tropical rainforest.

Place this stuffed monkey in your living room or study and it promises to be a conversation piece, transporting every viewer to the dense, green world of the rainforest. It is more than just a decorative piece; it is a story about the magic and mystery of nature.

Whether you are a nature lover, a collector of unique objects or simply fascinated by the complexity of the animal world, this stuffed Black-eared monkey is a wonderful addition to your collection. It serves as a bridge between our world and that of wild, untamed nature.


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