1765 Indian Antelope


Height               107 centimeters

Width                40 centimeters

Depth                 90 centimeters

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Mounted Indian Antelope: Elegance and Strength from the East

Walking through the grasslands and light forests of India, one may come face to face with a creature of remarkable elegance and agility: the Indian Antelope. Now we offer you the chance to bring a piece of this magical nature experience into your own space with our lifelike stuffed Indian Antelope.

The Indian Antelope, scientifically known as Antelope cervicapra, is recognizable by its slender build, deep, rich coat colors and distinctive twisted horns that protrude proudly from its head. Males wear these impressive horns that can vary in length but often have a spiral twist. The horns serve as a sign of strength and dominance and are used in fights with rivals over territory and females.

This particular stuffed specimen captures the true essence of the Indian Antelope, with particular attention to detail in the shape of the horns, the posture of the body and the texture of the fur. Every aspect has been handled with care and craftsmanship to provide a true-to-life image of this magnificent animal in its full glory.

An intriguing fact about the Indian Antelope is that despite their delicate and graceful appearance, they are incredibly fast and agile. With speeds of up to 80 mph and the ability to make high jumps, these antelopes are not only beautiful to look at, but also impressive athletes in their natural habitat.

Owning this stuffed Indian Antelope is not just bringing a decorative piece into your home. It is a tribute to the wonders of nature, a conversation piece and a reminder of the pristine beauty of wildlife. Whether you are a nature lover, a collector of unique items, or just someone who appreciates the aesthetics of nature, this stuffed antelope will hold a prominent and admired place in your collection.


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