1770 Leo



Height   200 centimeters
Width    75 centimeters
Depth    220 centimeters

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Mounted Lion in Attacking Stance: The King in Action

Stand face to face with the majesty of the African savannah and experience the raw power and authority of the king of beasts. Meticulously positioned in an impressive attacking stance, this stuffed lion embodies the essence of the wilderness and offers a rare insight into the moment when a lion stalks its prey.

The lion, scientifically known as Panthera leo, is at the top of the food chain in the animal kingdom and is often considered a symbol of strength, courage and royal grandeur. Native to parts of Africa and a small part of western Asia, lions are social animals that live in groups known as prides. Their complex dynamics and roles within these groups are fascinating and provide insight into their unique social structures.

This particular piece, with its detailed craftsmanship, captures the moment when a lion prepares to attack, with tense muscles, sharp claws extended and eyes fixed on the target. The authenticity and precision with which every detail has been reconstructed, from the lush mane to the intimidating teeth, provide a lifelike experience that is both impressive and awe-inspiring.

An interesting fact about lions that is often overlooked is that it is the females, the lionesses, who do most of the hunting. While males are often associated with strength because of their imposing manes and size, it is the lionesses who work together in coordinated groups to pursue and capture prey.

This artwork is more than just a stuffed lion; it is a celebration of the wild spirit of nature, a reminder of the beauty of the animal kingdom and the delicate balance of life on the savannah. For those who appreciate nature, love history or are simply looking for a striking centerpiece for a space, this stuffed lion in attacking pose will leave a lasting impression on all who see it. It is a tribute to the majesty of nature and the king of the jungle.


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