1773 Sable antelope



Height   270 centimeters
Width    100 centimeters
Depth     190 centimeters

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Mounted Sable Antelope: Elegance and Strength in One

Be mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty and grace of the Sable antelope, now beautifully rendered in a prancing pose. A masterpiece of taxidermy, this unique rendering of the antelope reflects the sheer power, elegance and pride of this iconic animal.

The Sable antelope, scientifically known as Hippotragus niger, is one of the most striking and beautiful inhabitants of the African savannas. Its long, saber-like horns, which can grow up to one and a half meters long, are a true characteristic of this majestic creature. These horns are not only used for defense against predators, but also play a crucial role in fights between males for dominance.

This stuffed specimen, in prancing pose, captures a rare moment of dynamism and passion. The Sable antelope’s powerful muscles are clearly visible, as are its distinctive black and white facial markings and deep, piercing eyes. This pose allows the observer to truly experience the sense of movement and power, as if the animal could burst into a sprint or an impressive fight at any moment.

An intriguing fact about the Sable antelope is that their color changes as they age. The young have a light brown hue, but as they age, their fur darkens, ranging from chestnut brown to almost black in the dominant males. This color change is not only a sign of age, but also a reflection of their status within the herd.

This artwork is not just a decorative piece; it tells the story of one of the most majestic animals of the African wilderness. It will undoubtedly become a talking point in any room where it is displayed and a constant reminder of the wonders of the natural world. For animal lovers, adventurers at heart, or simply those looking for a unique piece that combines power and beauty, this stuffed Sable antelope is the perfect choice. It is more than just an object; it is a tribute to the wild and untamed spirit of Africa.


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