1807 Red Ibis

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Height         46 centimeters
Width          20 centimeters
Depth           40 centimeters

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Mounted Red Ibis: A Stunning Piece of Natural Beauty

The Mounted Red Ibis, also known as Eudocimus ruber, is a masterpiece of taxidermy that will enchant admirers of exotic birds. This magnificent creation brings to life the majestic world of the Red Ibis and offers a unique opportunity to admire this striking bird up close.

Eudocimus ruber, or the Red Ibis, is a distinctive bird species found primarily in parts of South America and the Caribbean. What makes this bird so special is its unmistakable bright red plumage, which contrasts with its long, curved bill and slender body. These distinctive colors make the Red Ibis one of the most recognizable and beloved birds in its habitat.

A fun fact about the Red Ibis is that their intense red color is caused by the food they consume, particularly small crustaceans and other aquatic organisms rich in carotenoids. These pigments are absorbed and give the ibis’ feathers their characteristic color.

The Mounted Red Ibis is a feat of craftsmanship and precision. Every detail, from the fiery feathers to the graceful pose, has been reproduced with great care to capture the natural splendor and elegance of this bird. It almost seems as if the ibis could come back to life at any moment.

This artwork can serve as an eye-catching showpiece in your home, office or art collection and is sure to elicit admiration and conversation. It also provides an educational opportunity to learn more about the world of rare and majestic birds, their habitat and their role in the ecosystem.

The Mounted Red Ibis is not only a tribute to the beauty of nature, but also to the skill of taxidermists in preserving the magic of the animal kingdom. Add this masterpiece to your collection and enjoy the timeless appeal and insight into the world of this extraordinary bird.


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