1921 Kaffir buffalo


Height   130 centimeters

Width    105 centimeters
Depth     230 centimeters

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Mounted Kaffir Buffalo Fullmount: Power and Majesty of Africa

The stuffed Kaffir buffalo, scientifically known as Syncerus caffer, is an impressive tribute to the majesty and power of Africa’s iconic wildlife. This decorative artwork brings the wilderness of the African continent directly into your home or office and is a breathtaking eye-catcher.

About the Kaffir buffalo (Syncerus caffer):The Kaffir buffalo is one of Africa’s “Big Five” animals and is native to various parts of the continent, including East and South Africa. These massive animals are known for their robust build, large horns and dark fur. They thrive in diverse habitats, from savannas to swamps, and play a crucial role in Africa’s ecosystem.

Fun Fact About the Kaffir Buffalo:A fascinating aspect of Kaffir buffalo is their social structure. They live in herds often led by an older female, the “matriarch.” These social animals communicate with each other through sounds and body language, and they show impressive solidarity when threatened.

The Mounted Kaffir Buffalo as Decoration:This beautifully mounted Kaffir Buffalo Fullmount is a work of art in itself. It shows the Kaffir Buffalo in all its glory, paying attention to every detail of its powerful stature. The natural behavior and attitude of the animal are authentically depicted, creating an overwhelming visual impact.

This decorative piece pays tribute not only to the grandeur of the Kaffir Buffalo, but also to the untamed beauty of Africa. Evoking the spirit of adventure and discovery, it brings the continent’s vast plains and majestic landscapes to your interior.

Whether you are a lover of African wildlife, have a passion for hunting, or are simply looking for a striking piece of art for your home or office, the stuffed Kaffir Buffalo Fullmount is sure to garner admiration and bring a sense of connection to the natural world. It is a symbol of Africa’s pristine wilderness and a tribute to the majesty of the Kaffir Buffalo, one of the continent’s most iconic animals. Let this masterpiece bring the wilderness of Africa into your world and leave a lasting impression on all who see it.


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