2030 Leo



Height         135 centimeters
Width          100 centimeters
Depth           130 centimeters

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Mounted Lion: Majestic Ruler of the Savannah

The Mounted Lion, scientifically known as Panthera leo, is a symbol of royal power and majesty in the world of wildlife. This enchanting specimen embodies the grandeur and charm of this impressive feline.

With its imposing stature, lush mane and piercing eyes, the Lion is an iconic ruler of the savannahs. Every detail of this stuffed specimen has been carefully captured, impressively portraying the regal appearance and distinctive features of this majestic predator.

A fascinating fact about lions is their social structure. These felines often live in troops, known as “prides,” where cooperation is essential for hunting and protecting their territory. The male lions, recognizable by their imposing manes, are responsible for protecting the pride.

This carefully mounted specimen of the Lion demonstrates not only craftsmanship, but also admiration for the natural grandeur of this majestic predator. Every aspect, from its proud stance to its powerful appearance, reflects the intriguing nature of this king of beasts.

Whether it serves as an impressive decorative piece, an educational exhibit or a valuable addition for wildlife enthusiasts, this stuffed Lion adds a touch of savannah heritage to any space in which it is displayed.

Bring the power and grace of the Lion into your home with this magnificent specimen. Be enchanted by its majestic presence and add a touch of wild beauty to your living space.


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