1584 White Tiger


Height                  100 centimeters
Width                   50 centimeters
Depth                   230 centimeters

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Mounted White Tiger: The Mystical Jewel of the Jungle

Enter the enchanting world of the white tiger, a rare and enchanting animal that has captured the imagination of many. This beautifully stuffed white tiger embodies the mystique and allure of this extraordinary predator, and is a valuable addition to any collection or room.

The white tiger, whose scientific name is Panthera tigris, differs from other tigers in its distinctive pale coloration. This unique appearance is the result of a recessive gene affecting its pigmentation, resulting in an almost magical combination of cream-colored fur with light blue eyes and soft gray stripes. Because of their striking appearance, white tigers are often associated with legends and folklore in various cultures, where they are seen as symbols of strength, purity and the mysterious powers of nature.

An interesting fact about white tigers is that despite their distinctive color, they exhibit the same hunting techniques and behaviors as their orange counterparts. However, their rarity in the wild has led to many misconceptions about their natural habitat and lifestyle. In reality, white tigers are not a distinct species, but rather a color variant of the Bengal tiger.

This stuffed specimen has been crafted with precision and skill to capture the delicate beauty and power of the white tiger. From the intensity of his gaze to the silky texture of his fur, every detail has been meticulously replicated to provide a lifelike representation of this formidable animal. It is not only a showpiece, but also a conversation piece, one that reflects the rich tapestry of the natural world.

For those fascinated by nature’s unique wonders, this stuffed white tiger offers a chance to bring a piece of that magic into your home. Indulge in the enchanting presence of this majestic creature and add a touch of the wild to your living space.


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