Golden Tabby Tiger Mount Taxidermy for Sale


Height             93 centimeters
Width               37 centimeters
Depth               240 centimeters

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Golden Tabby Tiger Mount Taxidermy for Sale

Exquisite Golden Tabby Tiger Mount Taxidermy for Sale

A Rare Masterpiece for Collectors and Enthusiasts

Introduction to the Golden Tabby Tiger

Golden Tabby Tiger Mount Taxidermy for Sale. The Golden Tabby Tiger, also known as the Strawberry Tiger, is a rare and magnificent color variant of the Bengal tiger. With fewer than 30 individuals known to exist in the wild, their unique golden and orange coats, adorned with light brown stripes, make them a stunning sight to behold. This exquisite taxidermy mount captures the majesty and beauty of this extraordinary creature.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Detail

Our Golden Tabby Tiger taxidermy mount is crafted with exceptional attention to detail by expert taxidermists. Using advanced techniques and premium materials, this mount showcases the tiger in a lifelike pose, preserving its natural elegance and power. The realistic expression and meticulously recreated fur ensure that this piece will be a breathtaking centerpiece in any collection.

Perfect Addition to Any Collection

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a wildlife enthusiast, this Golden Tabby Tiger mount is a perfect addition to your collection. It serves as a tribute to the rare and endangered beauty of the tiger, bringing a touch of the wild into your home or office. Display it proudly and let it spark conversations about wildlife conservation and the wonders of nature.

Specifications of the Taxidermy Mount

  • Species: Golden Tabby Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)
  • Size: Approximately [specific dimensions, e.g., 6 feet in length]
  • Pose: [Description of pose, e.g., standing, lying down]
  • Materials: High-quality synthetic materials for fur, glass eyes, and realistic nose and claws

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Lifelike Appearance: Captures the essence and grace of the Golden Tabby Tiger with remarkable realism.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Created by skilled taxidermists with years of experience in preserving wildlife.
  • Conversation Starter: A striking piece that will captivate the attention of guests and spark meaningful discussions about wildlife.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

We are committed to ethical and sustainable practices in all our taxidermy work. Our Golden Tabby Tiger mount is crafted using synthetic materials to ensure no harm to living animals. We believe in promoting awareness and appreciation for wildlife conservation through our art.

Ideal for Various Settings

This stunning taxidermy mount is ideal for a variety of settings:

  • Private Collections: Enhance your personal collection with a rare and magnificent specimen.
  • Educational Institutions: Use it as a teaching aid to educate students about tiger conservation and biology.
  • Museums and Exhibits: A striking addition to wildlife displays, capturing the imagination of visitors.
  • Corporate Offices: Create an awe-inspiring focal point that reflects your commitment to wildlife and nature.

How to Purchase

To purchase this exquisite Golden Tabby Tiger taxidermy mount, please contact us at [Contact Information]. We offer secure payment options and worldwide shipping. Our team is available to assist you with any questions or special requests.


The Golden Tabby Tiger mount taxidermy is more than just a decorative piece; it is a celebration of the beauty and rarity of one of nature’s most captivating creatures. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this extraordinary work of art and bring a piece of the wild into your space.

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For more information or to make a purchase, please reach out to us at [Contact Information]. Embrace the elegance and power of the Golden Tabby Tiger with this stunning taxidermy mount.


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