0143 Damhert Abnormal


Height         105 centimeters
Width          42 centimeters
Depth           62 centimeters

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Timeless Gracefulness in Your Space: Mounted Fallow Deer Shoulder Mounting

Discover the graceful splendor of nature with our masterful Mounted Fallow Deer Shoulder Mount. This artwork captures the rustic charm of the forest and brings the understated elegance of the fallow deer directly into your living space, creating an aura of admiration and connection to nature.

Each Mounted Fallow Deer Shoulder Mount is carefully chosen and prepared with exceptional craft to preserve the unique characteristics of this graceful animal. The refined forms of the antlers and the subtle nuances of the fur are meticulously captured to create a work of art that not only caresses the eyes, but also inspires a deep sense of wonder.

This masterpiece goes beyond a mere decorative piece; it is a window into the calm splendor of the forest. Place it proudly on your wall and let it serve as the radiant centerpiece of your space, or add a touch of natural charm to your interior with a subtle touch of wild beauty.

The Mounted Fallow Deer Shoulder Mount not only embodies aesthetic finesse, but also a deeper sense of respect for nature. With a focus on responsible source materials and traditional conservation techniques, this artwork helps preserve the beauty and balance of our environment.

Whether you are a lover of natural interior designs, have a passion for wildlife or are simply looking for a meaningful and stylish decoration, the Mounted Fallow Deer Shoulder Mount is a valuable addition to your space. Let this artwork bring the tranquil beauty of fallow deer into your living space and remind you daily of the timeless splendor and serenity of nature.


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