0817 Coyote


Height         71 centimeters
Width          45 centimeters
Depth           70 centimeters

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Mounted Coyote: A Wonderful Piece of Wild Nature

The Mounted Coyote is an impressive piece that captures the essence of wildlife. This species, scientifically known as Canis latrans, is an iconic predator found in North America. With its distinctive appearance and intriguing behavior, the coyote is a fascinating subject in the world of taxidermy.

Coyotes are renowned for their adaptability and wide distribution. They are found in diverse habitats ranging from deserts and forests to urban environments. Their grayish fur, sharp snout and pointed ears make them easily recognizable. What makes the coyote truly special is its intelligence and ability to thrive in different conditions.

Fun fact: Coyotes are agile hunters and can handle a wide range of prey, including rodents, birds, insects and even plant foods. They have also adapted to human presence and can feed on food scraps and garbage in urban areas.

The Mounted Coyote is more than a decorative piece; it is a tribute to the complex interactions between predators and their environment. The careful taxidermy techniques used to bring this coyote to life capture the animal’s natural posture and anatomical details. This invites the viewer to think more deeply about the ecological importance of this predator in the ecosystem.

Whether you are a lover of wildlife, an admirer of the natural world, or simply looking for a striking piece for your home decor, the Mounted Coyote is sure to grab attention and bring the wilderness one step closer. This stunning piece offers not only visual beauty, but also educational value by providing insight into the biology and behavior of this iconic North American predator. It pays homage to the intriguing world of wildlife and reminds us how important it is to respect and protect these animals.


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