1353 Moeflon


Height               108 centimeters

Width                45 centimeters

Depth                 100 centimeters

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A Beautiful Showpiece: Mounted Mouflon

This stuffed Moeflon (Ovis gmelini musimon) is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and a tribute to the beauty of wild nature. With its imposing horns and authentic look, this decor piece brings a touch of wilderness to your interior.

The Moeflon, also known as the European wild sheep, is a native animal in Europe and Asia. The Latin name “Ovis gmelini musimon” refers to its origin and affinity to the sheep genus. With its stocky physique and distinctive horns, the Moeflon is an iconic symbol of resilience and adaptability in different landscapes.

Fun fact: The Moeflon is one of the oldest known sheep species and is often considered the ancestor of modern domesticated sheep breeds. It is fascinating to consider that these wild animals were domesticated by humans thousands of years ago and formed the basis for breeding the sheep breeds we know today.

This stuffed Moeflon is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail to highlight the unique characteristics of this animal. The realistic rendering of the body, the texture of the fur and the powerful horns make this set piece a compelling work of art.

Place this stuffed Moeflon in your living room, study, or even in a hunting lodge to add a touch of natural elegance. The Moeflon’s impressive presence is sure to attract attention and inspire conversations about wildlife, ecology, and the history of human interaction with nature.

Whether you are a lover of wildlife, have a passion for hunting, or are simply looking for a striking decor piece, this stuffed Moeflon is a timeless choice. Bring the majestic presence of this wild sheep into your own home and enjoy the beauty and significance it brings.


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