1395 Springbok Black


Height       116 centimeters

Width       45 centimeters

Depth       102 centimeters

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Mounted Springbok (Black): Elegance in Contrast

This stuffed springbok, with its deep black fur and distinctive horns, is a striking and elegant representative of the animal world. With the scientific name Antidorcas marsupialis, this magnificent antelope embodies the grace and uniqueness of African savannas and grasslands.

The springbok is a native species of Southern Africa and is admired for its ability to make high jumps, where the animal appears to “leap” itself into the air. This behavior led to its name and is a spectacular sight to behold in the wild.

Fun fact: Springboks have a fascinating behavior known as showing off, in which they leap into the air with their knees bent and their backs curved, while at the same time revealing a characteristic white stripe on their hindquarters. This behavior is a form of social interaction and can be observed during mating seasons or in situations when the animals are excited.

This stuffed springbok in a deep black is a tribute to the beauty of this majestic animal. With its lifelike details, including its distinctive horns and graceful posture, this piece brings the wild atmosphere of the African savannahs to your interior.

Whether you are a lover of exotic species, admire African cultures, or simply want to add a touch of natural elegance to your environment, this stuffed black springbok is sure to attract attention. Place it in your living room, study or even your workplace to introduce a touch of African beauty and charm.

This stuffed springbok is not only a visual treat, but also a tribute to the unique wildlife that inhabits our planet. Its black fur combined with its expressive stance will evoke not only admiration, but also a sense of connection to the wild world.

With this stuffed springbok, you bring the African wilderness into your home and create a stylish and striking atmosphere. His presence reminds us of the beauty of the natural world and invites admiration and contemplation.


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