1490 Indian Rhinoceros Replica


Height         89 centimeters

Width           53 centimeters
Depth           82 centimeters

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Mounted Indian Rhinoceros Replica: A Majestic Monument of Nature

Step into the world of giant herbivores with this magnificent replica of the Indian rhinoceros. With a name straight from Latin – Rhinoceros unicornis – this magnificent creature conjures up images of mythical creatures, but it is surprisingly real and rare.

The Indian rhino, recognizable by its single horn and armored skin that looks like plates of ancient armor, is one of the world’s five extant rhino species. Originally inhabiting vast areas of the Indian subcontinent, its territory has been drastically reduced over the years.

Our replica is a beautiful tribute to this impressive animal. Every detail of the Indian rhino, from the rough texture of its skin to the robust shape of its legs and the proud pose of its head, has been meticulously recreated with great craftsmanship. The precise contours and details reflect the true essence of this majestic animal, almost bringing it to life in your living or working space.

A fascinating fact about the Indian rhino is that, despite its enormous size and imposing appearance, it has surprisingly keen hearing and an excellent sense of smell. These are the primary senses he uses to be aware of his surroundings, as his sight is not his strongest point.

Placing this stuffed Indian rhino replica in your space is not only a decorative statement, but also a tribute to the greatness and resilience of a species that has fought and survived in the face of countless challenges. It is a conversation starter, an educational tool and a beautiful work of art, all rolled into one impressive piece.

For those who are fascinated by the wonders of nature, or have a special place in their hearts for these impressive herbivores, this replica is a perfect addition to their collection. It is a reminder of the strength, beauty and resilience of the natural world and the animals that inhabit it.


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