1611 Golden Tabby Tiger Cub


Height       12 centimeters

Width        28 centimeters

Depth         20 centimeters

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Mounted Golden Tabby Tiger Cub: A Gorgeous Jewel of Nature

Imagine a creature with the strength and elegance of a tiger, but with a color palette reminiscent of the soft glow of sunrise. That’s the golden tabby tiger, a rare and special color variety of tiger, scientifically known as Panthera tigris. With this beautifully stuffed golden tabby tiger cub, you bring a piece of Mother Nature’s wonder into your home.

The golden tabby tiger, also called the “strawberry blonde” tiger, is not a distinct subspecies, but the result of a recessive genetic mutation. Their striking fur combines light golden tones with striking dark stripes, resulting in a stunning contrast that enhances their beauty. This cub, although young and not yet fully grown, exudes a rare elegance and charm thanks to its unique coat pattern.

Interestingly, although the golden color is very rare in the wild, golden tabby tigers are more common in captivity due to targeted breeding programs. However, this particular shade of tiger coat is accompanied by a unique peculiarity: golden tabbies tend to grow larger than their normally colored counterparts!

The art of stuffing is one of fine craftsmanship, and that is evident in this cub. Every detail, from the glint in his eyes to the perfectly preserved coat texture, has been carefully crafted to capture the natural grace of this animal. The cub, with its playful attitude and curious gaze, conveys a sense of vibrancy that is both captivating and moving.

For the true animal lover, collector or just someone looking for a striking piece of decoration, this stuffed golden tabby tiger cub is a wonderful acquisition. It is not only a silent witness to the wonders of genetics, but also a symbol of the timeless majesty of one of the world’s most iconic predators. In this cub, wildness comes together with a touch of golden magic, and it will undoubtedly become a central talking point in any room in which it is placed.


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