1630 Ring-tailed lemur


Height        35 centimeters
Width         53 centimeters
Depth         20 centimeters

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Stuffed Ring-tailed Lemur: A Piece of Madagascar at Home

Enter the fascinating world of lemurs with this beautifully stuffed Ring-tailed Lemur. These intriguing creatures, recognizable by their strikingly striped tails, are inextricably linked to the mystical island of Madagascar. Not surprisingly, many are fascinated by their unique appearance and behavior.

The Ring-tailed Lemur, scientifically named as Lemur catta, is perhaps the most iconic of all lemur species. They are known for their black and white ringed tail, which they often hold high in the air as they move along the ground. Their expressive faces, with large, amber eyes and white fur all around, contrast beautifully with the dark, v-shaped markings on their foreheads.

A fascinating fact about the Ring-tailed Lemur is their sunbathing ritual. These lemurs like to take a “sun bath,” stretching out and spreading their arms and legs to catch the warm rays of the sun. This behavior not only helps them warm up in the cool morning hours, but is also a remarkable sight that has intrigued many photographers and nature lovers.

This stuffed Ring-tailed Lemur is a stunning representation of the animal in its natural grace. The fine details, from the fluffy ears to the distinctive tail, have been captured with extreme precision and craftsmanship. Every aspect of the animal, from its posture to the texture of its fur, has been reproduced in a way that honors the lemur’s vibrancy and character.

For lovers of nature and the unique wildlife of Madagascar, this stuffed specimen provides the perfect opportunity to bring a piece of this faraway island into your home. It serves not only as a beautiful decorative piece, but also as a reminder of the wonders of nature and the amazing species that make up our world. The Ring-tailed Lemur is not just any animal; it is a symbol of the magic and mystery of Madagascar, beautifully captured in this exquisite stuffed form.


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