1654 Marco Polo Replica


Height      56 centimeters
Width       110 centimeters
Depth        33 centimeters

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Replica Marco Polo Skull with Horns: The Pinnacle of Asian Natural Splendor

The Marco Polo sheep, officially known as Ovis ammon polii, is a fascinating animal from the rugged, untouched mountainous regions of Central Asia. Named after the legendary explorer Marco Polo, who described these sheep during his epic voyages in the 13th century, they have captured the imagination of many ever since.

The skull and horns of the Marco Polo sheep are particularly striking. Male sheep of this species carry a set of imposing horns that can reach a length of up to 1.5 meters. These majestic horns curl almost in a full circle and are not only a sign of dominance and age, but also serve as essential tools in battles between rivals. A striking fact is that, despite their size and weight, these horns do not seem to bother them; instead, the sheep move effortlessly over rocky terrain, even at high altitudes.

This carefully crafted replica of the Marco Polo skull with horns is a tribute to this formidable animal. Every curve, kink and texture of the original skull and horns has been recreated with incredible precision, making it an exceptionally realistic and detailed reproduction. The piece is made from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring long life and minimal wear and tear.

Whether an addition to an existing collection, an educational tool, or a statement piece in your living or work space, this replica of the Marco Polo skull with horns is sure to impress. Its presence evokes stories of ancient expeditions, the rugged beauty of the Central Asian highlands, and the intriguing animals that live there.

Embrace the spirit of adventure and discovery with this beautiful replica. It is not only a tribute to the Marco Polo sheep and their incredible habitat, but also to the tireless curiosity of the human spirit, always looking for the next wonder.


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