1678 Dam deer


Height          115 centimeters

Width           65 centimeters

Depth            55 centimeters

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Mounted Fallow Deer Shoulder Mount: Elegance and Pride from the Woods

Imagine a quiet walk through the forest during the early hours of dawn, with the soft light falling through the trees. Suddenly, your gaze is caught by a graceful figure with magnificent antlers: the fallow deer. With this stuffed fallow deer shoulder mount, you not only bring a piece of this enchantment into your home, but also honor the elegant beauty and dignity of this special deer.

The fallow deer, scientifically known as Dama dama, with its unique antlers and distinctive spots, is a striking sight in European forests. The antlers are broad and flattened at the end, giving a palmate shape, distinctive from many other deer species. This mounted shoulder mount highlights these features with stunning accuracy, capturing every detail from the fine fur to the expression in the eyes.

A fun fact about fallow deer is that despite their graceful appearance, they sometimes engage in “belling,” a deep and loud sound heard mainly during the rutting season. This is the way males signal their dominance and challenge rivals, a reminder of nature’s wildness and unpredictability.

This shoulder mount is not just another decorative piece. It represents a moment of connection with nature, a reverent nod to the wildlife that inhabits our forests. The craftsmanship with which it is made ensures that this piece reflects the subtle nuances and sheer beauty of fallow deer.

Placing this artwork in your home or office is a statement of appreciation for nature. It invites reflection and admiration and serves as a conversation starter for visitors. Whether it hangs above a fireplace, in a study or in an entry hall, this fallow deer shoulder mount is sure to capture attention and bring the enchanting world of nature closer. Feel the pride and tranquility of the forest every time you look at it, and cherish the memory of those quiet moments in nature.


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