1679 Kaffir Buffalo

$ 1,500.00

Height          78 centimeters
Width           73 centimeters
Depth           109 centimeters

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Mounted Kaffir Buffalo: Majestic Power of the African Savannah

Enter the vast plains of Africa with our stuffed Kaffir buffalo. An imposing animal that embodies the essence of rugged beauty and raw power, the Kaffir buffalo, or scientifically known as Syncerus caffer, is an iconic inhabitant of the African wilderness. This beautiful stuffed version brings a piece of that wild continent directly to your living or working space.

The Kaffir buffalo is known for its massive build, broad shoulders and impressive horns that occur in both males and females. These horns can develop over the years to reach impressive sizes, often used in confrontations with rivals or as a defense mechanism against predators. The detailed rendering of this mount captures every detail of the buffalo, from the texture of its skin to the glint in its eyes, giving the observer a sense of awe and respect.

An interesting fact about the Kaffir buffalo is that, despite their sometimes unwieldy appearance, they can be extraordinarily agile and fast, with speeds of up to 56 km/h! This speed, combined with their size and strength, makes them a formidable force in the African wilderness. They even have the reputation of being one of the most dangerous animals in Africa for hunters, due to their unpredictable nature and tendency to attack if they feel threatened.

With this stuffed Kaffir buffalo, you get more than just a decorative item. It is a tribute to the untamed spirit of the African wilderness and the animals that live there. Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts, this piece adds an exotic and adventurous touch to any space. Whether it takes pride of place in your living room, becomes the centerpiece of your office, or steals the show in a private collection, the stuffed Kaffir buffalo promises to be an impressive talking point for anyone lucky enough to behold it.

Be inspired by the power and beauty of the African wilderness with this stunning stuffed Kaffir buffalo. It is a daily reminder of the wonders of our world and the majestic animals that inhabit it.


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