1681 Hungarian Steppenrund


Height       115 centimeters

Width       85 centimeters
Depth       102 centimeters

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Mounted Hungarian Steppenbeef Cow: Echo of Europe’s Past

Experience a piece of European history with our stuffed Hungarian Steppenrund Cow. This majestic animal, with its distinctive long hair and horned appearance, represents the rural charm of the Hungarian lowlands. It is a direct connection to a past when animals and humans lived in harmony on the vast grasslands of Central Europe.

The scientific name for the Hungarian Steppe cattle is Bos primigenius taurus hungaricus. Historically, these cattle grazed freely across the wide open plains of Hungary, where they played a crucial role in the local economy and culture. They are not only a source of food and leather, but also inspiration for countless folk tales and traditions.

Our stuffed Hungarian Steppenrund Cow is a stunning tribute to this iconic animal. Every detail, from the lush coat to the imposing horns, has been carefully captured to reflect the vivid presence of the animal in its natural habitat. The cow’s expression and posture exude a quiet strength and dignity so characteristic of this breed.

An interesting fact about the Hungarian Steppes cattle is that despite their large size, they are remarkably resilient to the elements. Their thick coat protects them from both the sharp winter cold and the scorching summer heat of the Hungarian Steppes. In addition, they have impressive stamina and can easily adapt to different environmental conditions, making them perfect steppes inhabitants.

This beautiful stuffed piece will undoubtedly become a focal point in any room in which it is placed. It is not only a decorative piece, but also a conversation piece that inspires curiosity and evokes stories of times gone by. Whether it holds a prominent place in your living room, is an asset to a museum collection or occupies a special place in a study or library, this stuffed Hungarian Steppenrund Cow is a timeless reminder of the rich history and culture of Central Europe.


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