1749 Rüppells Vulture


Height    91 centimeters

Width     60 centimeters
Depth      70 centimeters

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Mounted Rüppells Vulture: Majestic Ruler of the Skies

Flying high above the African savannas and deserts is a bird that is both fascinating and formidable: the Rüppells vulture. With its impressive wingspan and sharp gaze, this bird is a symbol of strength and endurance, and our stuffed Rüppells vulture embodies all of these remarkable qualities.

The Rüppells vulture, officially known as Gyps rueppelli, is one of Africa’s most impressive birds. Its large size, dark plumage and distinctive pale head make it easily recognizable. Every detail, from the sparkle in its eye to the textures of its feathers, has been carefully preserved in this stuffed version, making it an impressive piece that can dominate any room.

Although vultures are often misunderstood and even considered unpleasant because of their carrion-eating habits, they play a crucial role in their ecosystem. They help clean up dead animals, preventing the spread of disease. Their impressive eyesight allows them to spot carrion from great heights, and their strong beak and claws help them consume their food quickly and efficiently.

A fascinating fact about the Rüppells vulture is that it is the highest flying bird in the world. One specimen was once observed at an altitude of 11,300 meters, where it collided with an airplane. This incredible ability to fly so high is supported by their unique blood and respiratory system that allows them to survive in thin air where oxygen is scarce.

This beautiful piece, carefully preserved and hand-finished, is more than just a decorative object. It tells the story of a mighty bird that rules the skies of Africa, an animal both powerful and necessary to the balance of its environment. A stuffed Rüppells vulture is not only a memento of nature’s majesty, but also a reminder of the amazing adaptations and skills animals have developed to thrive in their environment. It is a true treasure for any lover of the natural world.


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