1759 Stone Sheep


Height          72 centimeters

Width           63 centimeters

Depth           59 centimeters

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Mounted Stone Sheep: A Pearl of the Northern Wilderness

A silent witness to the rugged, untamed landscapes of Northwestern Canada, the Stone Sheep is an emblem of survival in the most challenging of environments. Embodying the raw, indomitable spirit of the animal, this exquisitely stuffed Stone Sheep is a true eye-catcher, created with unparalleled attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Known by its scientific name Ovis dalli stonei, the Stone Sheep is characterized by its distinctive gray to dark chocolate brown fur, a natural adaptation that helps it camouflage itself against the rocky terrains of its habitat. Its powerful, slender stature and agility enable it to navigate the steep cliffs and canyons of the Canadian wilderness with ease.

The spiral horns of the Stone Sheep are its crown jewel, a showpiece symbolizing years of growth and survival. Males, known as rams, use these horns in imposing duels with rivals, clashing with full force in a game of dominance and territory.

This stuffed specimen exemplifies the intriguing beauty of the Stone Sheep. Every detail, from the subtle shading of its fur to the impressive curve of its horns, has been captured with the utmost care. The piece captures the essence of the animal in its wild, natural state, giving the viewer a glimpse of a world far removed from everyday life.

A fascinating fact about the Stone Sheep is that it is able to survive on a diet consisting mainly of grasses, herbs and other low vegetation, even in the harsh winter months. Their ability to extract nutrients from such scarce food is a testament to their resilience and adaptability.

This stuffed Stone Sheep is not only a work of art, but also an ode to the power and beauty of nature. For lovers of wildlife and craftsmanship, this piece enriches any collection, offering a unique opportunity to bring the magic of the Canadian wilderness into your home. It is a timeless reminder of a world both raw and wondrous.


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