1762 Badger


Height         38 centimeters
Width          32 centimeters
Depth           65 centimeters

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Mounted Badger: The Night Watchman of the Forest

In the middle of the silent forest, as the sun sets, a special resident appears: the badger. Known for its distinctive black and white facial markings, this nocturnal hunter has played a role in folklore and myths for centuries. Now you have the chance to admire this mysterious and beautiful creature up close with our fullmount stuffed badger.

The badger, whose Latin name is Meles meles, has a robust build with short legs and a body perfectly adapted to a life underground. Its strong claws, ideal for digging, enable it to create elaborate tunnel systems, known as “burrows,” in which generations of badgers can live. These burrows are often much more complex than they first appear, with multiple rooms and entrances.

Our stuffed specimen of the badger is made with incredible attention to detail. From the thickness and texture of his wavy coat to the sparkle in his eyes, every aspect has been carefully recreated to represent the living animal as faithfully as possible. The fullmount presentation depicts the badger in a natural pose, as if it has just left its burrow and is standing still to take in the scents and sounds of the night.

What many do not know about the badger is that it is a social animal, often living in clans or families. These groups communicate through a range of sounds, from growls to whistling tones. In addition, they use scent signals to mark their territory and “talk” to each other. A fascinating fact: badgers have glands under their tails with which they emit a unique musk scent, which contributes to their communication system.

This stuffed badger is not only a beautiful work of art, but also a window into the fascinating world of one of Europe’s most characteristic animals. It is a perfect acquisition for any nature lover, researcher or someone looking for a unique and eye-catching piece for their interior. Be enchanted by the charm and mystery of the night watchman of the forest.


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