1768 Thar Thargeit


Height      118 centimeters
Width       50 centimeters
Depth       140 centimeters

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Mounted Thar: Majestic King of the Mountains

Dive deep into the world of mountains with this impressively stuffed specimen of the Thar, a creature known as much for its rugged appearance as for its incredible adaptability to one of the most challenging habitats on our planet.

The Thar, scientifically known as Hemitragus jemlahicus, is a large species of wild goat found mainly in the Himalayan mountains. This majestic animal has a dense, shaggy coat and impressive, twisted horns, characteristics that make it perfectly adapted to the cold, rocky mountain landscapes where it lives. The Thar’s coat varies by season: in winter, they have a longer, thicker coat to protect themselves from the extreme cold, while in summer they have a shorter, lighter coat to cool off.

The stuffed specimen we present is a true masterpiece. With an eye for detail, every curve of the horn, every fiber of the fur and every expression in the eyes has been carefully reconstructed to create a lifelike image of this impressive mountain animal.

An interesting fact about the Thar is that they are incredibly agile climbers. Their hooves have a special, rubbery core that helps them get a grip on the steepest and smoothest rock surfaces. This allows them to navigate nearly vertical cliffs and feed on the sparse vegetation found in such rugged environments.

The presence of a stuffed Thar in your space is not only a tribute to the resilience and beauty of the animal world, but also a lasting reminder of the wonders of our planet’s highest mountains. It brings the essence of the Himalayan mountains – rugged, pristine and breathtakingly beautiful – directly to your living or working space.

For the avid collector, nature lover or someone who appreciates the magic of the mountains, this stuffed Thar is an unparalleled addition that will be admired for generations.


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