1774 Kaffir Buffalo Skull Gold


Height        40 centimeters
Width         95 centimeters
Depth          34 centimeters

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Golden Kaffir Buffalo Skull with Horns: A Symbol of Strength and Luxury

The Kaffir buffalo is not only one of the most imposing animals on the African continent, but it is also a symbol of strength, determination and untamed beauty. Now you have the chance to welcome a piece of this majestic animal into your home with this stunning gold Kaffir buffalo skull with horns.

Scientifically known as Syncerus caffer, the Kaffir buffalo is known for its robust build and distinctive horns that extend elegantly from the top of its head. These horns are not only aesthetically striking, but also serve as weapons in battles between rival males and as a defense against potential predators.

This particular skull pays homage to the grandeur of the Kaffir buffalo, elevating it to the realm of luxury with its refined gold finish. The rich, shimmering golden hue contrasts beautifully with the dark, natural color of the horns, creating a striking work of art that embraces both modern and traditional aesthetics.

A fascinating fact about the Kaffir buffalo is that it is part of the “Big Five” – a term originally used by big game hunters to describe the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot. Today, the term is used more in the context of game safaris, where tourists hope to catch a glimpse of these five iconic animals, which include the lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and, of course, the buffalo.

This golden Kaffir buffalo skull with horns is not only a reflection of the animal itself, but also a symbol of Africa’s rich culture and history. It is a piece that not only attracts attention, but also provides a deeper insight into the majesty and mystery of the African wilderness. Whether displayed in a living room, study or office, it is undoubtedly a piece that evokes admiration and respect. Add a touch of luxury to your interior with this exquisite, handmade artwork that celebrates the timeless beauty of nature.


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