1828 Corella Cockatoo


Height            45 centimeters
Width             25 centimeters
Depth              25 centimeters

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Stuffed Corella Cockatoo: Beautiful Piece of Nature in your Interior

We proudly present the stuffed Corella Cockatoo (Cacatua sanguinea), an elegant showpiece of Australian wildlife. This stunning creation brings to life the striking beauty of this Australian parrot species and gives your interior a touch of exotic allure.

About the Corella Cockatoo:The Corella Cockatoo, also known as the “Little Corella,” is a medium-sized parrot species native to Australia. They are known for their white plumage, graceful crest and sharp, coral-red spots around their eyes. These intelligent birds have lively personalities and are often found in groups, where they are socially interactive and entertain each other with their playful behavior.

Fun Fact: The Corella Cockatoo is known for its distinctive feeding habits. They feed mainly on seeds, berries, and roots, using their strong beaks to pick seeds from hard shells. In Australia, they are sometimes called “gutsy guts” because of their appetite and determination to obtain food.

Each stuffed Corella Cockatoo in our collection is crafted with extreme care and craftsmanship to accurately reproduce the natural splendor of this bird species. Vibrant feather colors and fine detail work are handcrafted to ensure lifelike results.

A stuffed Corella Cockatoo is not just a decorative piece; it is a tribute to Australia’s biodiversity and the unique animals it is home to. These stuffed birds bring a piece of the Australian wilderness into your home, office or gallery.

Whether you are a lover of exotic animals, have a passion for birds, or are simply looking for a beautiful decorative element, a stuffed Corella Cockatoo will undoubtedly garner admiration and enrich your environment with the natural charm of Australia. Bring the enchantment of Australian wildlife into your life with this stunning creation.


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