1830 Red-tailed cockatoo


Height          60 centimeters
Width            36 centimeters
Depth             24 centimeters

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Mounted Red-tailed cockatoo: A Stunning Expression of Natural Beauty

We proudly present the stuffed Red-tailed Raven Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus banksii), a work of nature’s art that will enrich your interior with its impressive presence. This majestic bird is a feast for the eyes and a stunning piece to cherish in your space.

About the Red-tailed cockatoo:The Red-tailed cockatoo, also known as the “Banks’ black cockatoo,” is a striking species of parrot native to Australia. This beautiful bird is known for its deep black plumage, distinctive red tail feathers and striking white patches on the cheeks. They are among the largest species of black cockatoos and have a powerful beak that they use to crack nuts and seeds.

Fun Fact: Red-tailed cockatoos are known for their ability to imitate complex sounds and melodic tunes. They are gifted vocalists and can produce varying tones and sounds, which has increased their fame as talented “singers” among bird lovers.

Each stuffed Red-tailed Raven cockatoo in our collection is crafted with great care and precision to accurately capture the natural beauty and unique characteristics of this bird species. The deep black plumage, striking red tail and distinctive white cheeks are handcrafted with attention to detail.

A stuffed Red-tailed Raven Cockatoo is not only a decorative piece, but also a tribute to the splendor of nature and a celebration of the fascinating world of birds. These birds bring not only an aesthetic flair to your space, but also a sense of wonder and admiration for nature.

Whether you are a lover of exotic birds, have a passion for natural beauty, or are simply looking for a sophisticated decorative piece, a stuffed Red-tailed cockatoo will undoubtedly be a captivating eye-catcher and enrich your surroundings with its majestic presence.

Bring the unparalleled grace of the Red-tailed Raven Cockatoo into your life with this beautiful creation. Welcome this masterpiece of nature into your home, office or gallery and add a touch of Australian splendor to your space.


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