1835 Incastern


Height          46 centimeters
Width           12 centimeters
Depth            18 centimeters

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Mounted Inca Tern: A Symbol of South American Splendor

Our stuffed Inca tern, with its striking black and white plumage and elegant appearance, is much more than just a decorative piece. It represents the incredible diversity of South American nature and brings the majesty of this bird species to life in your own living space.

About the Inca Tern:The Inca Tern, scientifically known as Larosterna inca, is a bird that makes its home in the beautiful coastal regions of South America. The combination of their distinctive black and white plumage and striking bill makes them a visually impressive sight. Found along the coasts and cliffs of South America, they are known for their graceful flights over the ocean waves.

Fun Fact: Inca terns are exceptional fishermen and have the ability to dive and catch fish from the ocean with great precision. They can often be seen hovering elegantly above the surface of the water in search of their next meal.

Our stuffed Incastern is more than just a decorative object; it is a tribute to the natural world of South America and a way to bring a piece of this beautiful environment into your own home. Every detail, from the feathers to the wings and beak, has been captured with extreme care and precision.

Whether you are a bird lover, have a passion for the rich biodiversity of South America or are simply looking for a unique piece to decorate your home, our stuffed Inca tern is a wonderful choice. It brings the beauty and grace of this bird species directly to your living space and invites admiration for the beautiful natural world of South America.


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