1846 Hybrid Macaw


Height    91 centimeters
Width     42 centimeters
Depth      48 centimeters

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Mounted Hybrid Macaw (Blue-Yellow Macaw x Green-winged Macaw): A Unique Masterpiece for Your Collection

The stuffed Hybrid Macaw, created from the cross between a Blue and Yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna) and a Green-winged Macaw (Ara chloropterus), is an extraordinary and rare work of art that combines the beauty of these two magnificent parrot species. This hybrid specimen, which you can now add to your collection, is a unique and fascinating masterpiece of nature.

About the Hybrid Macaw (Blue-Yellow Macaw x Green-winged Macaw):The Blue-Yellow Macaw is known for its bright blue plumage, golden yellow neck and face, and a distinctive black patch around its eyes. The Green-winged Macaw, as mentioned earlier, is recognizable for its deep green wings and impressive color combination. When these two species are crossed, the result is a unique and breathtaking hybrid with characteristics of both parents.

Fun Fact: Hybrid macaws are rare in the wild and usually develop in captivity. They often retain some of the most distinctive traits of their parents, resulting in beautiful color patterns and characteristics.

Our stuffed Hybrid Macaw is a tribute to the wonders of nature. It displays the graceful fusion of two spectacular bird species and offers a rare opportunity to admire this hybrid beauty up close. Whether you are a passionate bird collector, a lover of rarities, or simply an admirer of unique works of art, this stuffed hybrid macaw is sure to awaken your senses.

Add a touch of rarity and beauty to your collection with our stuffed Hybrid Macaw. This masterpiece of taxidermy, with its striking colors and impressive appearance, will not only garner your admiration, but also become a talking point and showpiece in your home. Bring the unique charm of the hybrid macaw into your living space and admire the perfection of this natural creation!


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