1850 Snowy owl


Height             74 centimeters
Width              40 centimeters
Depth               31 centimeters

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Mounted Snowy Owl: A Beautiful Representation of the Northern Wilderness

The stuffed Snowy Owl, with its stunning white plumage and intense yellow eyes, is a masterpiece of taxidermy that brings to life the majesty of the Northern wilderness. This stunning piece is not only a tribute to the natural beauty of the Snowy Owl, but also a striking addition to any animal lover’s collection.

About the Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus):The Snowy Owl, also known as the Polar Owl, is one of the world’s largest owl species. These majestic birds are perfectly adapted to life in the harsh conditions of the Northern Tundra and Arctic regions. They are known for their bright white plumage, which serves as camouflage in their snowy habitat. Their large yellow eyes are perfectly suited to night hunting, and they can soar silently through the air in search of prey.

Fun Fact: Snowy owls are not only master hunters, but also extremely patient nesters. They build their nests on the ground and can wait days to weeks for the right opportunity to strike and catch a meal.

Our stuffed Snowy Owl is an impressive representation of this iconic Arctic bird of prey. The craftsmanship and attention to detail put into this piece make it a striking showpiece. Whether you are a lover of owls, an admirer of the Northern wilderness, or simply looking for a striking decorative piece, this stuffed Snowy Owl is sure to evoke admiration and wonder.

Bring the beauty of the Arctic wilderness into your home with this beautiful stuffed Snowy Owl. Admire its majestic white plumage and be amazed by its penetrating yellow eyes every time you look at it. This masterpiece of taxidermy will take center stage in any room where it is displayed and add a touch of the Northern wilderness to your decor.


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