1851 Common Annual Bird


Height         71 centimeters

Width          30 centimeters

Depth          26 centimeters

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Mounted Common Year Bird Woman: A Beautiful Piece of Natural Beauty

The stuffed Common Annual Bird Female, with her stunning appearance and striking features, is a tribute to the splendor of nature and a striking addition to any collection or decor. This masterpiece of taxidermy brings to life the intriguing features of the Common Annual Bird and gives you the chance to admire this exotic bird up close.

About the Common Annual Bird (Rhyticeros undulatus):The Common Annual Bird, scientifically known as Rhyticeros undulatus, is a striking bird species found in the rainforests and forested areas of Southeast Asia. They are known for their bright colors and striking appearance, with a large bill that gives them a unique appearance. The females of this species tend to be slightly smaller and have a less pronounced bill than the males.

Fun Fact: Common Annuals are also called “horned birds” because of their distinctive beaks. However, these beaks are not just for appearance; they also play an important role in catching food and communicating with conspecifics.

Our stuffed Common Annual Bird Female is a meticulous reproduction of this beautiful bird species. The craftsmanship and attention to detail put into this piece make it an impressive showpiece. Whether you’re a lover of exotic birds, an admirer of the natural world, or just looking for a decorative piece that adds a touch of natural beauty to your surroundings, this stuffed Common Annual Bird Woman is sure to evoke admiration.

Bring the enchantment of nature into your home with this beautiful stuffed Annual Bird Woman. Admire her exquisite detail and graceful appearance every time you look at it. This masterpiece of taxidermy will take pride of place in any room where it is displayed and add a touch of exotic splendor to your interior.


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