1853 Canadian Eagle Owl


Height     101 centimeters
Width      20 centimeters
Depth       21 centimeters

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Mounted Canadian Eagle Owl: A Symbol of Wildlife Splendor

The stuffed Canada Eagle Owl (Bubo Virginianus subarticus) is a masterpiece of nature that brings the majesty of the wilderness to life in any space in which it is displayed. This work of taxidermy provides a unique opportunity to admire and appreciate up close the beauty and power of the Canada Eagle Owl.

About the Canadian Eagle Owl (Bubo Virginianus subarticus):The Canadian Eagle Owl, scientifically known as Bubo Virginianus subarticus, is a subspecies of eagle owl and is found in the vast wilderness of North America. With its impressive wingspan, which can reach over 1 meter, and its beautiful brown-spotted plumage, this bird of prey is a symbol of wild beauty. The Canadian Eagle Owl is known for its amazing hunting skills, which it displays especially at night.

Fun Fact: The Canadian Eagle Owl has one of the most distinctive calls in the bird kingdom, consisting of a series of deep, sonorous “hoehoe” sounds. This call carries far into the still night and is often associated with remote forests and mountainous areas.

Our stuffed Canada Eagle Owl is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and precision. Every detail, from its imposing talons to its piercing eyes, has been reproduced with extreme care to create a lifelike and impressive representation of this majestic bird of prey. Whether you are a raptor enthusiast, a nature lover or someone looking for a decorative piece that brings the grandeur of the wilderness into your home, this stuffed Canadian Eagle Owl is sure to evoke admiration and respect.

Bring a touch of wilderness splendor into your living space with this beautiful stuffed Canadian Eagle Owl. Its presence reminds us of the pristine beauty of nature and its inhabitants. This artwork is not only a tribute to the Canadian Eagle Owl, but also to the grandeur of wilderness itself.


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