1878 Raccoon


Height          33 centimeters

Width           20 centimeters

Depth            78 centimeters

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Stuffed Raccoon: A Charming Addition to Your Interior

The stuffed raccoon is a masterpiece of taxidermy that brings to life the charm and curiosity of this iconic animal. With its realistic details and meticulous workmanship, this piece is a tribute to the beauty of nature.

About the Raccoon (Latin name: Procyon lotor):The raccoon, scientifically known as Procyon lotor, is a striking mammal native to North America. They are known for their distinctive “mask-like” facial markings and striped tail. Raccoons are often found in wooded areas, but have also adapted to human habitation, where they sometimes browse through garbage cans in search of food. They are known for their curious nature and agile front paws with which they can manipulate food.

Fun Fact About the Raccoon:A fascinating fact about raccoons is their ability to use their front paws as hands. They can hold and manipulate food, making them highly agile and intelligent animals. This has helped them adapt to different environments and food sources.

A Piece of Nature in Your Home:The stuffed raccoon is a wonderful decorative choice for lovers of nature and craftsmanship. Every detail of this work of art, from the downy fur to the expressive eyes, has been carefully captured to maintain its true-to-life look. This piece brings out the vibrancy and personality of the raccoon and adds a touch of natural charm to your interior.

Whether you have a passion for wildlife, are a lover of unique decorations, or just want to welcome a piece of nature into your home, the stuffed raccoon fits perfectly into any setting. It reminds you that nature is full of intriguing and beautiful creatures. Choose the stuffed raccoon and bring the charm of the forest to your living space.


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