1889 Lynx with Frisling


Height    69 centimeters

Width     75 centimeters
Depth     100 centimeters

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Mounted Lynx with Frisling: The Wilderness Captured in Splendor and Splendor

This stuffed lynx with a frisky in its mouth masterfully captures the powerful and compelling essence of wild nature. It is a unique and intriguing piece that celebrates the beauty of the animal kingdom in all its glory. Lynx was submitted to the 2018 European Taxidermy Championships, a red rosette was wonThe red rosette does not come with the item.

About the Lynx (Latin name: Lynx lynx):The lynx, scientifically known as Lynx lynx, is a majestic predator found in the forests of Europe, Asia and North America. With its characteristic plumed ears, dense fur and distinctive speckles, the lynx is a true icon of the wilderness. This solitary hunter is known for its agility and keen senses, with which it tracks prey and makes decisive attacks.

Fun Fact About the Lynx:An intriguing fact about the lynx is that it is superbly adapted to its environment. Its thick fur, which gets even thicker in winter, protects it from extreme cold, while its distinctive ear tufts serve to enhance its hearing. These adaptations allow the lynx to survive in and thrive within some of the world’s most challenging climates.

A Natural Scene:This masterpiece of taxidermy shows a lynx proudly carrying a frisky in its mouth, which is a powerful image of wild nature in action. It captures a breathtaking moment in which the lynx exhibits its hunting skills and natural grace. The piece is not only a decorative work of art, but also a tribute to the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Whether you are a lover of nature, an admirer of wildlife or simply looking for a striking decorative piece that brings the beauty of nature into your home, this stuffed lynx with frisling is sure to leave an unforgettable impression. It is a snapshot of wild life, captured in splendor, that evokes a lasting memory of the wilderness.


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