1958 Sacred Kingfisher


Height         22 centimeters
Width           8 centimeters
Depth           10 centimeters

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Mounted Sacred Kingfisher: Vibrant Splendor in Society

The Mounted Sacred Kingfisher, scientifically known as Todiramphus sanctus, is a radiant embodiment of the vibrant splendor of Australia’s birdlife. This stunning specimen captures the essence of nature in a timeless tribute to this colorful and enchanting bird.

With its bright blue plumage laced with warm maroon highlights, the Sacred Kingfisher is a true delight to the eye. Each feather is set up with extreme care, masterfully displaying the brilliant colors and refined details of this bird.

A fascinating fact about the Sacred Kingfisher is its sophisticated diving technique. This agile bird is known for its sharp diving flights from the air to the surface of the water, deftly catching fish with its specialized beak. His precision and agility make him a masterful fisherman.

This carefully mounted specimen of the Sacred Kingfisher is not only a visual masterpiece, but also a tribute to craftsmanship and dedication to preserving its natural splendor. Every aspect, from the graceful pose to the expressive expression, reflects the intrinsic beauty of this majestic bird.

Whether it serves as an enchanting decorative piece, an educational exhibit or a memorable gift for bird lovers, this stuffed Sacred Kingfisher adds a touch of Australian natural splendor to any space in which it is displayed.

Bring the magic of Australian nature into your home with this beautiful specimen of the Mounted Sacred Kingfisher. Be enchanted by its brilliant colors and add a touch of natural splendor to your living space.


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