1975 California Sea Lion


Height    12 centimeters
Width     14 centimeters
Depth      24 centimeters

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Coastal Splendor: California Sea Lion Skull

Enter the enchanting world of the coastline with our California Sea Lion Skull (Zalophus californianus), a tribute to the graceful inhabitants of the western coasts of North America and a symbol of maritime elegance.

The Latin name “Zalophus californianus” carries echoes of the surf and wind along the coasts of California. An agile swimmer and masterful diver, the California Sea Lion is an iconic representative of the seas and rocky shores of western North America.

A fascinating fact about the California Sea Lion is their amazing adaptability. These sea lions can live both on land and in the water and have incredible agility, allowing them to thrive in the surf as well as on rocky shores.

Our California Sea Lion Skull showcases the refined features of this majestic sea dweller. With its streamlined shape and delicately sculpted skull, this skull reflects the beautiful elegance of the sea lion.

More than just a decorative object, this skull symbolizes the connection between land and sea, reminding us of the wonders of the ocean. It is a tribute to the resilience of these marine inhabitants and their essential role in coastal ecosystems.

Be enchanted by the coastal splendor of the California Sea Lion with this skull, a symbol of grace, adaptability and the incomparable beauty of the maritime world.


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