1976 Lioness Skull


Height         14 centimeters

Width          21 centimeters

Depth          32 centimeters

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Royal Splendor: Lioness Skull

Enter the royal world of the savannah with our Lioness Skull (Panthera leo), a tribute to the mighty queen of the African plains and a symbol of grace and strength.

The Latin name “Panthera leo” echoes from the wilderness, a name that highlights the reign of this majestic feline over the African savannas. A masterful hunter and essential part of the lion pride, the Lioness embodies the essence of willpower and protective maternal love.

An intriguing fact about the Lioness is her crucial role within the social structure of a lion pride. As a leading hunter, the Lioness plays a vital role in feeding the pride and protecting its territory, and she is known for her unparalleled determination when hunting.

Our Lioness Skull is a symbol of the impressive physical attributes of this royal feline. With its powerful jaws and subtly shaped skull, this skull uniquely captures the grace and strength of the Lioness.

This skull transcends the merely decorative and symbolizes the strength of the Lioness and her pride. It represents the resilience of these iconic predators and reminds us of their indispensable role in African ecosystems.

Be enchanted by the regal splendor of the Lioness with this skull, a tribute to the majesty, strength and protective nature of one of the world’s most iconic predators.


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