1978 Lion Skull


Height    16 centimeters
Width     25 centimeters
Depth      35 centimeters

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King of the Savannah: Lion Skull

Explore the power of the wilderness with our Lion Skull (Panthera leo), a tribute to the majestic king of the savannahs and a symbol of untamed strength and dominion.

The Latin name “Panthera leo” carries the echo of the ancient reign of these majestic predators over the African plains. The lion, the undisputed king of the savannah, is a symbol of strength and courage deeply rooted in the folklore and history of countless cultures.

A fascinating fact about lions is their social behavior in troops. Lions live in close-knit groups, with social interaction, hierarchy and cooperation playing a crucial role in their survival. They are skilled hunters known for their teamwork while hunting.

Our Lion Skull embodies the impressive anatomy of these kings of the savannah. With its imposing jawline and powerful teeth, this skull exudes an aura of indomitable power characteristic of the lion.

This skull transcends purely aesthetic value; it represents the power and dominance of the lion in the natural world. It reminds us of the majesty and fearlessness of these predators, which have captured people’s imagination for centuries.

Be enchanted by the tiger of the savannah with this skull, a tribute to the strength, determination and timeless reign of one of the most iconic and impressive predators on earth.


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