2013 Tamandua


Height              50 centimeters

Width               23 centimeters

Depth                87 centimeters

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Mounted Tamandua: The Graceful Anteater

The Mounted Tamandua, also known as the Anteater, is scientifically classified as Tamandua, an intriguing mammal from the South American region. This remarkable specimen represents the unique characteristics of these extraordinary animals.

With its distinctive long snout, slender physique and characteristic coat pattern, the Tamandua embodies the grace of life in the trees. Every detail of this stuffed specimen has been carefully captured, aptly depicting the unique characteristics of this tree-dwelling anteater.

A fascinating fact about the Tamandua is its specialized diet. These animals feed mainly on ants and termites, for which they use a long, sticky tongue to catch their prey. They are also excellent climbers and spend most of their lives in the treetops.

This carefully mounted specimen of the Tamandua is not only a visual showpiece, but also a tribute to craftsmanship and admiration for nature’s diversity. Every aspect, from the graceful pose to the vivid expression, reflects the intrinsic beauty of this tree-dwelling anteater.

Whether it serves as a striking decorative piece, an educational exhibit or a memorable gift for animal lovers, this stuffed Tamandua adds a touch of exotic splendor to any space in which it is displayed.

Bring the charm of the South American rainforest into your home with this beautiful specimen of the Mounted Tamandua. Be enchanted by its unique appearance and add a touch of natural splendor to your living space.


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