2049 Bison


Height           87 centimeters

Width           46 centimeters

Depth            79 centimeters

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Mounted Bison: Symbol of American Wilderness

The Mounted Bison, scientifically known as Bison bison, is a living symbol of the untamed wilderness of North America. This majestic specimen embodies the power and historic presence of the American Bison.

With their imposing stature, massive shoulders and iconic appearance, Bison are an icon of the American wilderness. Every detail of this stuffed specimen has been captured with extreme care, admirably displaying the imposing size and distinctive features of these magnificent animals.

A fascinating fact about Bison is their role in the American ecosystem as “ecosystem engineers. Their grazing behavior and migration patterns have a significant impact on vegetation, forming the basis for several other species.

This carefully mounted specimen of the Bison demonstrates not only craftsmanship, but also admiration for the natural splendor of these iconic animals. Every aspect, from the powerful build to the imposing horns, reflects the unique characteristics of these defining figures of the American wilderness.

Whether it serves as a striking decorative piece, an educational exhibit or an addition for nature lovers, this stuffed Bison adds a touch of history to any space in which it is displayed.

Bring the powerful presence of the Bison into your home with this beautiful specimen. Be inspired by their symbolic significance and add a touch of the American wilderness to your living space.


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