1429 Peacock turkey


Height           54 centimeters

Width            24 centimeters

Depth             50 centimeters

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Stuffed Peacock Turkey: A Beautiful Piece of Natural Art

The Stuffed Peacock Turkey (Meleagris ocellata) is a stunning work of art that brings to life the brilliant colors and striking features of this bird species. With its unique plumage and striking appearance, this stuffed bird is a valuable addition to any collection or decorative space.

The Peacock turkey, scientifically known as Meleagris ocellata, is native to Central America and is known for its beautiful and colorful plumage. The peacock turkey’s most striking feature is its long and elegant tail, which in males can form a spectacular fan pattern to impress females and rivals.

Fun fact: The Peacock turkey gets its name from the “eyes” on its feathers, which resemble the eyes of a peacock. These eye-like spots are actually a form of spotting that serves to distract and confuse.

This stuffed Peacock turkey is crafted with the highest precision to preserve the unique beauty and details of the original animal. The vibrant colors, texture of the feathers and realistic appearance make this work of art an impressive representation of nature.

Place the stuffed Peacock turkey in a prominent place in your interior, such as a bookshelf, a display case or as an eye-catcher on the wall. It is bound to evoke admiring glances and curiosity from guests, and act as a conversation piece that celebrates the beauty of nature and the diversity of the animal kingdom.

This work of art does not just transcend aesthetics. It reminds us that the splendor of the natural world is often more breathtaking than we can imagine, and it inspires us to appreciate and protect the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Whether you are an animal lover, collector of taxidermy or simply an admirer of unique works of art, the stuffed Peacock turkey will be a treasured possession. It offers a tangible connection to the magnificent bird and emphasizes the importance of cherishing and preserving the rich heritage of our natural environment.


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