1471 Blue-bellied warbler


Height       29 centimeters
Width        11 centimeters
Depth        23 centimeters

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Mounted Blue-bellied Warbler: A Touch of Exotic Beauty

A bird that captures the imagination with its striking colors and elegant appearance, the Blue-bellied Warbler is a true gem of the avifauna. With its scientific name “Coracias cyanogaster,” this bird exudes a vibrant combination of blue and yellow, giving it a unique and unmistakable appearance within its habitat.

Our stuffed Blue-bellied Warbler is a meticulous reproduction of this magnificent creature. Every detail, from the sheen on his feathers to the fine texture of his beak and legs, has been captured with extreme precision. The vibrant blue of his belly contrasts beautifully with the golden yellow tones, making it a striking piece that is sure to capture the attention of any visitor.

An interesting fact about the Blue-bellied Warbler is that in addition to their stunning appearance, these birds are also known for their impressive acrobatic flying skills. They can often be seen in a diving flight to catch their prey, usually insects, with an agility that rivals their graceful appearance.

This stuffed specimen is not only a representation of the physical beauty of the Blue-bellied Warbler, but also of its dynamic nature and the vibrant nature of nature itself. It is a piece that evokes both admiration for the natural world and a deep respect for the craftsmanship required to render such delicate creatures as faithfully as possible.

For bird lovers, collectors of unique pieces or those who just want to bring a little exotic beauty into their lives, this stuffed Blue-bellied Warbler is a must-have. It is a reminder of the incredible variety and beauty the natural world has to offer and serves as a daily source of inspiration and wonder. It is a tribute to a bird that graces the sky with its colors and the earth with its presence.


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