1610 Tiger Cub


Height      13 centimeters

Width        30 centimeters

Depth         19 centimeters

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Mounted Tiger Cub: A Glimpse of Wild Majesty

Tigers, known by the scientific name Panthera tigris, are iconic predators that have inspired fascination and awe for centuries. As one of the largest felines in the world, they symbolize strength, courage and the mysteries of the wild. This stuffed tiger cub offers a rare glimpse into the early moments of such an impressive creature, capturing the innocence and curiosity so typical of every living creature’s youth.

This cub’s soft fur, vibrant stripes and sparkling eyes evoke a sense of wonder. Although still in the early stages of its life, the cub’s sharp claws and tiny teeth already show that it was born for greatness. The careful setup and treatment of this piece ensure that every detail – from the velvet nose to the tips of its ears – is celebrated, almost bringing the cub to life for the viewer.

An interesting fact about tigers is their ability to swim. Unlike many other felines, tigers are excellent swimmers and love to spend time in the water.

This stuffed tiger cub is not just another product; it is a work of art, a tribute to one of the most respected animals in the animal world. For collectors, nature lovers or even as an educational tool, this piece evokes deep feelings of respect and admiration for nature.

In a world where the tiger is often celebrated for its strength and dominance, this cub offers a different perspective – a reminder of the fragility and beauty of life in all its stages. For those seeking a unique piece to enrich their space, this stuffed tiger cub is an unforgettable choice that will be treasured for generations.


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