1758 Bighorn


Height          67 centimeters
Width           48 centimeters
Depth            49 centimeters

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Mounted Bighorn: Majestic Icon of the Mountains

The Bighorn, better known as the bighorn sheep, is a symbol of strength and tenacity in the harsh mountain environments in which it lives. With its impressive, curled horns that form spirals, this animal exudes a certain majesty that is both awe-inspiring and inspiring. This beautifully mounted Bighorn captures the essence of the animal in its most glorious form, with every detail preserved with extreme precision and craftsmanship.

Under its Latin name, Ovis canadensis, the Bighorn has evolved to thrive in the steep, rocky mountainous regions of North America. Its ability to move with ease over nearly vertical mountain slopes has given it the reputation as an excellent climber, being both agile and balanced.

A fascinating feature of the Bighorn are the males’ massive horns, which can weigh up to 30 pounds. These horns are used not only as a status symbol, but also in intense battles with rivals for dominance during mating season. These power struggles can be characterized by the thundering sound of clashing horns that can be heard miles away.

This stuffed Bighorn has been prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail, preserving the rich texture of its fur, the intensity of its gaze and the imposing size and shape of its horns. A feat of craftsmanship and art, the piece brings the wild essence of the mountains directly to your space.

A surprising fact about the Bighorn is that, despite its rugged and imposing appearance, the animal has a particularly social nature. Herds of bighorn sheep are often divided into groups of rams and ewes, with the latter often hanging out with their lambs.

As an art form, taxidermy strives to capture and preserve the beauty and character of animals for future generations. This stuffed specimen of the Bighorn is no exception to this rule. It is a beautiful tribute to an animal that has captured and inspired people’s imaginations for centuries with its power and majesty. For the true nature lover or collector of fine art, this piece is a must-have.


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