1794 Morpho Butterflies in Antique Stolp


Height           52 centimeters
Width            33 centimeters
Depth             19 centimeters

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Mounted Morpho Butterflies in Antique Stolp: Beautiful Natural Art

Imagine having a unique piece of art in your home that captures the opulence and beauty of nature. That’s exactly what you get with these stuffed Morpho butterflies displayed under an antique bell jar.

These magnificent butterflies belong to the genus Morpho, highlights their regal splendor. They are native to the rain forests of Central and South America. What makes these butterflies so striking is their distinctive iridescent blue wings, which sparkle and shine like precious gems when exposed to light.

A fascinating fact about Morpho butterflies is that the blue color of their wings is not caused by pigments, but by microscopic scales on their wings that refract and reflect light. This makes them appear to change color from different angles, making them masterpieces of natural art.

These beautiful Morpho butterflies have been carefully prepared and displayed under an antique glass bell jar. The antique bell jar adds a touch of historical elegance to your interior, while the butterflies beneath are a breathtaking display of the wonders of nature.

Whether you are a lover of nature, an entomologist at heart or just someone looking for a unique decorative piece, these stuffed Morpho butterflies in an antique bell jar are sure to attract attention and admiration from your guests.

Bring the magic of nature into your home with these beautiful stuffed Morpho butterflies in an antique bell jar. A timeless combination of natural beauty and artistic grace that will enchant both your space and your guests.


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